Tracing sheets

Fine motor skills tracing sheets

I am working on a booklet, which helps develop fine motoric skills of the pre-school children and learn them draw one line animals. Here you can download the first two pages of the book.


Fine motoric skills refer to the coordination between the eyes and small muscles, like those of the hands and fingers. Those skills are important for learning to write, grasping small objects, buttoning clothing, turning pages, eating.

The best way to develop fine motoric skills is through play – with small items, play dough, finger painting, puzzles and also tracing sheets.

This booklet helps your child develop fine motoric skills in a playful manner – the child learns to draw animals with one line, which is early preparation for writing letters.


You can print on paper, eventually laminate or put in a plastic folder to be able to reuse and use whiteboard markers for tracing. Afterwards the child can also colour the drawing.

If you like the one line animals you can download the whole booklet with 18 animals!